Picasso 1936 Traces of an Exhibition is an interactive multimedia installation designed in collaboration with MID (Media Interactive Design). It occurred in the Museo Picasso – Barcelona during the end of 2011 and the first trimester of 2012. The Installation is a visualisation about the work behind the first Picasso’s exhibition in Barcelona in 1936.
I was in charge of the development of the interactive ontology which represents all different semantic connections and relations centred in the figure of Picasso among his friends, co-workers, paintings, institutions, documents and letters, all related with that first exhibition. The Museo Picasso has conducted research in which a precise historical documentation was gathered, hence digitalized and stored in a database developed in python. The front-end application was developed using the C++ framework called Cinder. As a tactile interface, we used the Elo touch 55”. One touch on any node displayed the encapsulated information, projected over a front wall (Full-HD). The particle system was a 2D physic simulation with spring elasticity range depending on the grade of importance among those relations and connections. The technical project was directed by Alex Posada.

Ontología_Picasso 1936 Traces of an Exhibition from David Dalmazzo

Picasso 1936. Traces of an exhibition from MID New Media Design

Video editor: Borja F. Alexandre
Digital image: Joan del Pino, Borja F. Alexandre
Director of photography: Daniel Ospina
Camera operator: Borja F. Alexandre, Daniel Ospina
Music: Alex Posada, Borja F. Alexandre