Picasso 1936 Traces of an exhibition


Traces of an exhibition is an interactive multimedia installation designed by MID (MediaInteractiveDesign). It was held in Museo Picasso – Barcelona. The Installation is about a visualization related with all the work behind the first Picasso’s exhibition in Barcelona – 1936, and it occurs during the end of 2011 and first three months of 2012. I developed the ontology which is a dataVisualization that represent different connections between the figure of Picasso with friends, co-workers, works, institutions, documents among others. The Museo Picasso using historical documentation has design a xml file with all the data needed for the visualization. Finally using Cinder I did a Particle Simulation to show all the connections.

The application is running in a MacMini. Runs close to 60fps in Full HD. It was installed for a Elo touch 55” that allows one finger point interaction. Every time you touch a particle, the information related to this particle is projected over a wall with Full HD image, png format. The application that projects the info was build using Jitter (Max6). It only turns on for the seconds needed to do the transition between one information to the next, within 3 seconds crossfade. The particle system allows the visitors to play with the graphics, every node is attached elastically with the others depending grade of connections. The project was directed by Alex Posada. More info here http://mediainteractivedesign.com/picasso/

Keywords: C++, Cinder, Max6, Particle Simulation, Data Visualization, Interaction.

Video from MID where all the project is explained.

Picasso 1936. Traces of an exhibition from MID New Media Design on Vimeo.


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