CodiceRipetitivo – Rovereto

With Bruno Capezzuoli and Luca Ruzza, we were preparing installations from July 2 to 4 (2009) in the historical center of Rovereto (Italy) for a new edition of Città Invisibili. An interdisciplinary and intercultural project inspired by Italo Calvino’s “Invisible Cities”, where in his preliminary note, he says – “In Invisible Cities there are no recognizable cities. They are all invented; I have given each one a woman’s name; The book consists of short chapters, each of which should serve as a starting point for a valid reflection for any city or the city in general.”
In total, more than thirty presentations were distributed throughout the historic center, including plays, music groups, dance, and pieces of visual arts.

CodiceRepetitivo was projected on the right side of the Church of San Marco.
The idea is still along the line of Italian Futurism.

The image of connected lines follows a pattern according to the proximity of the radius between several particles; if the radius of one particle is in contact with the radius of a second particle, it draws a line from the two centers.

The installation is programmed using openFrameworks, some libraries like Computer Vision and Zach Lieberman’s particles. In this edition, I added a sound triggered by distance programmed in Max/MSP, which receives values from OF.

Installations made by:
Programmed and designed by David Dalmazzo
Directed by Luca Ruzza