Machine Learning

Machine Learning applied to Music Gesture Recognition in the context of TELMI project. Using Python with libraries such as Sklearn, HHMM or Keras-TensorFlow.

Teaching & Courses

During my PhD, I’m giving support to programming courses based in Python and also give workshops on Interactive Design Applications using Processing, Python or Max.

Music Composition

One of my favourite tools is Max/MSP to create responsive sounds and compose electronic music. I am as well a jazz guitar player.

Interactive Design

I use to work with C++ open-source tools such as Cinder, OpenFrameworks, but I also enjoy a lot to code in Processing.

The Music Dimensions
Academia del Lincei Immersive installation
MID: Ontology ”Picasso 1936 Exhibition”
Specs: BrainX3
DDS: SanDisk
DDS: Internet Para Todos (The Game)
Onionlab: The Voyage of Flavour

MTG – Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain.
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

Email: davmazo [at]

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