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Dazzled Project is based on the idea to compose a generative particle environment that could create at the same time structures and sounds. I would like to program patterns and physics simulations with the aim to compose music structures that has a direct representation on a formal shape. One of the influences for this project was some examples that Robert Hodgin like Solar Rework. But in this case the idea is not to have a sound reactive visuals, but visuals that create a generative sound and music compositions. This videos are just the first part of the project. Many test are still waiting, like rhythmic patterns based on constant rebounds or elastic connections between particles. Many thanks to Héctor Sánchez who helped me a lot with C++. Dazzled Project was supported by Generalitat de Catalunya.

Last experiment here:



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  1. bennett says:

    absolutely brilliant – I’ve created some relatively simple particle systems using Actionscript but this blows my mind.
    self-organizing particle systems and emergent structures are some of my favorite things in the world.

    anyway – my hat’s off to you.

    can I get a peek at the source code?

    thought I’d ask… =7

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