A piece by the company Nats Nus premiered in November 2005 at the “Mercat de les Flors”.

Four scenes:
1) Initial scene. Using an overhead camera with the projector, the dancer’s silhouette is generated, which is later used to paint the floor. Performer Toni Mira
2) A visual game with the image of the body projected in mirror mode. The plot simulates the space curved by the presence of the character. Interpreter Fatima Campos
3) In only 4 minutes, Joan Palau is limited by the lighting space that is gradually closing.
4) Shadow games with light, blue spots on the ground when moving and simulation of waves. Interpreter Gema Diaz.

Original idea and Director – Toni Mira.
Assistant Director – Mónica Extremiana
Interpretation and creation – Fátima Campos, Gema Díaz, Emilio Gutierrez, Toni Mira, Juan Palau, Noemí Ventura.
Music – Krishoo Monthieux
Programming – David Dalmazzo