AudioVision is a project composed of electric guitar and laptop with audio-reactive generative images.
It was composed for Fundació Joan Miró and was presented during the series of concerts called “Mùsiques d’avui” which is based on a format workshop concert for students of schools situated in Barcelona, in a range of ages between 12-18 years old.
This project pretends to show some techniques for composing music assisted by the computer. During one hour, four electronic pieces and some examples of interactive installations show different methods and approximations of playing guitar loops controlled by a predefined form. It also generates artificial sounds controlled by the guitar. All audio tracks were played and recorded live.

The sound is controlled by one laptop under MaxMsp, while graphics are controlled by a second laptop using OpenFrameworks.

This playlist was recorded live on 21/01/2010 at Fundació Joan Miró.

The presentations were made from January to April.
Thanks to: Jordi Joan Clavero