I spent a week in Rome preparing an interactive installation with Luca Ruzza and Bruno Capezzuoli. The installation is inspired by some aspects of Italian Futurism, our point of view, more than a celebration of an obsolete manifesto, was to recapture some aesthetic aspects of the photographic and pictorial art of the time, especially the Torinense painter Giacomo Balla, so we based on the idea of composing the piece using repetitive patterns, light, movement, and speed.

The installation was part of Futurist Day (February 20) in Italy, where the first centenary of the movement founded by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti is commemorated. Different events were held in the city center of Rome and Milan. The place where we presented the Repetitive Code was the Temple of Hadrian, located in Piazza di Pietra, which also has one of the best cafes in the city.

The images were designed using openFrameworks, and the particle system is based on Zachary Lieberman’s code. All the material was previously developed during the openFrameworks meetings in Hangar.

Direction and artistic concept: Luca Ruzza
Interactive Design: David Dalmazzo
Sound Design: Ziv Jacob
Acknowledgments: Arturo Castro

Piazza di Pietra, Rome. February 20, 2009.