Passing Place alters between two different periods; the contemporary and the historic period around 1920. The performance alters between two different or opposite zones of perception; a dreamy hallucinatory place in contrast to a very real contemporary and concrete place where it is possible to talk directly to the public. It is a poetic performance where a sequence of scenes are interconnected through a parallel story guided by piano compositions performed live, electronic music, impressive soundscapes from the North Sea/Greenland, and real-time projections. The first part of the production took place in Lofoten in the north of Norway, on the wild and fantastic island called Stamsund. Passing Place is a performance and also a concert directed by Zoe Christiansen.

The idea, Travel, and direction: Zoe Christiansen Actors: Marika Enstad, Niels Christian Fossdal, Tora Nilsen, Karl Flyman, Tuva Owren Hennum, and Rasmus Jørgensen Composer and pianist: James Clapperton. Recordings from the North Sea and Greenland: Jana Winderen Sound Design and Electronics: Sven Erga. Video and Image: Luca Ruzza and David Dalmazzo Text, cut-up, and conversations: Julia Lee Barclay, Zoe Christiansen, and others