Academia del Lincei Immersive installation

Academia del Lincei Project

A digital iconography for the Divine Comedy. During November 2021, with OpenLab Company, we developed an interactive installation to be placed in a fantastic location, the Accademia dei Lincei Library.

The installation consists of 10 cubes with stages of Dante as a digital iconography for the Divine Comedy. The music is designed so all stations can sound together; nevertheless, each station has a proximity sensor to activate the sound.
As a narrative, each station has a ghost, an ‘anima’ that appears as a protagonist of the audiovisual story represented.

Project commissioned by Accademia dei Lincei Library.

Project developed by OpenLab Company. Directed by Luca Ruzza.
A digital iconography for the Divine Comedy (Immersive installation) National Academy of the Lincei, Rome, 7.10/2021
Project and design: OpenLab Company
Curators: Roberto Andreotti and Federico De Melis Music Francesco De Melis Co-produced by the Central Institute for Intangible Heritage and the Municipality of Fermo ©2021
video: Zeno Maria Ruzza
Curators of the exhibition: Roberto Andreotti, Federico De Melis Music: Francesco De Melis Female voices: Tiziana Cossignani, Marina Cristofalo, Deborah Italia, Guitars: Lorenzo Masini and Zaccaria Barraco, Piano: Enrico Zanisi, Organ: Alberto Pavoni, Dilruba: Silvia Stabile

Visual Dramaturgy: Francesco De Melis, Luca Ruzza
Interaction Design: David Dalmazzo, Natan Ruzza, Bernardo Vercelli


MTG – Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain.
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

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