DDS: Internet Para Todos (The Game)

In the MWC, Barcelona, February 26, 2018. -Telefónica has presented the project “Internet para Todos”, a new initiative to connect more than 100 million people in Latin America to the Internet. Digitization is a determining factor for economic and social progress, and mobile broadband can play a key role in bridging the digital divide. 20% of the population of the region still lacks adequate access to mobile broadband. With “Internet para Todos”, Telefónica extends connectivity under an ecosystem approach, collaborating with a wide range of interested partners and resolving the challenge of rural connectivity.

Domestic Data Streamers (DDS) was commissioned by Telefónica to develop the interactive installation where the ‘Internet for all’ project was presented to the MWC visitors.  DDS created a team of developers and designers within Eyesberg and Morphika to develop a set of games, a VR experience implementing 5G technology as a fast internet communication exhibition.
I was in charge of the game that presented the concept of bringing the Internet to a remote region, where the users had to design the most efficient setup. I worked closely with DDS, Morphika and Eyesber, developing the game in OpenFrameworks.

Client: Telefónica
Production: EDT Eventos
Creative and Conceptual Direction: DDS
Technical Direction: Eyesberg
Art: Morphika

The Game “Internet for All” is placed in a TouchScreen HD table. It presents the information based on a database of real strategies applied in those remote regions to bring Internet connectivity. Depending on the type of region (Plain, Jungle, Mountain) different setups can be installed, the visitors has to choose the best.


MTG – Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain.
KTH – Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden.

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