Onionlab: The Voyage of Flavour

The Voyage of Flavour was a project commissioned to Onionlab for the Pavilion of Spain for the Milano Expo in 2015. It represents the fusion of Spain’s traditional food and modern or innovative gastronomy. The multidisciplinary artist Antoni Miralda created an art piece called “The Voyage of Flavour” where I did the interactive programming behind the front-end installation. The interaction is based on a mobile phone application where visitors of the pavilion could add the information the digital stomach as a metaphor related to dealing with too much information to digest.
As expressed by Miralda: “The installation proposed a review of the cultural journey of the chosen foods (potato, cod, pepper, cocoa, among others), establishing a dialogue between the theme of the Expo “Nourishing the Planet / Energy for Life” and the architecture and exhibition contents of the Spanish Pavilion. The foods of the FoodCultura Suitcase were selected for their cultural and historical load, their symbolism, their displacements and their presence in both culinary and social processes.”
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